Jar Helm – Elden Ring Guide

Jar Helm – Elden Ring Guide

The Jar Helm is an Armor piece found in Elden

Elden Ring: Living Jar

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Elden Ring, but I Only Use Pot Items – Lord of Pots Build

For this build I want to beat the game using only pot themed items. This means armor, weapons, charms, summons, and items should be related to pots somehow.

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0:00 Intro & Rules
0:57 Road to Leyndell (1st Half of Game)
9:46 Farming
11:34 The Gauntlet (2nd Half of Game)
31:29 Final Thoughts

Elden Ring – How to get Jar Helm (Iron Fist Alexander Questline)

If you’re following Iron Fist Alexander’s questline until now, you will meet him getting cozy in the lava after you defeated Magma Wyrm boss.
When you speak with Alexander, he said he has a gift for you, which is a Jar helm piece. It increases damage of Throwing Pots by 15%.

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Jar Bairn Full Questline in Jarburg | Elden Ring

STEP 1: Reach Jarburg 00:00
STEP 2: Talk to Jar Bairn 01:35
STEP 3: Reload the Area & Talk to Jar Bairn 03:07
STEP 4: Pick up some flowers in Jarburg 03:47
STEP 5: Reload the Area & Talk to Jar Bairn (about Alexander) 04:10
STEP 6: Reload the Area & Talk to Jar Bairn (about Poachers) 05:32
STEP 7: Reload the Area & Talk to Jar Bairn (about Diallos) 06:11
STEP 8: Talk to Diallos 07:13
STEP 9: Reload the Area & Talk to Jar Bairn 08:03
STEP 10: Talk to Diallos 08:43
STEP 11: Reload the Area & Talk to Jar Bairn 09:13
STEP 12: Reload the area & pick-up Diallos’s belongings (optional) 09:41
STEP 13: Give Alexander’s Insides to Jar Bairn 10:03
STEP 14: Reload the Area & Take the Companion Jar 11:18

Alexander’s Questline: https://youtu.be/3Bmus1cBeXk

This is the Gameplay Walkthrough of ELDEN RING (2022). This Walkthrough is a step-by-step guide of JAR BAIRN’S Full Questline in Jarburg Village of Elden Ring. This guide will also show you how to reach Jarburg.

Elden Ring Game Guide: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_l3PEDN9zYhVme9xDud2bRSNCcWbgwKG
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